Posted: January 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

I shared yesterday that I want to get into Street Fighter V. For my family’s budget, this is not a small decision financially. To put it into perspective, I normally get between $500 and $600 as “blow” money, or money that I spend on myself. The step to buy what I need will come at the price of taking an advance on my normally budgeted “allowance” so that I can get a PS4 and the game near launch.

I doubt whether I will stick with it. Will I regret this decision in a month or two? Am I just being foolish? It would be cheaper to stick with chess. These are the things that creep into my mind while I’m working.

They disappear when I get home and watch a few good matches on Twitch. I want to do this, but the adult sense in me causes me to question it.


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